If I try to run the Tracking.minimal.py example in .../Python/examples on my fedora machine I get the followinf error:

SyntaxError: (mismatched character \r expecting \n, (string, 7, 1, # change parameters depending on your pan tilt, pins and

at org.python.core.ParserFacade.fixParseError(ParserFacade.java:92)    at org.python.core.ParserFacade.parse(ParserFacade.java:201)    at org.python.core.Py.compile_flags(Py.java:1737)    at org.python.util.PythonInterpreter.exec(PythonInterpreter.java:206)    at org.myrobotlab.service.Python$PIThread.run(Unknown Source)------

If I remove the carriage returns everything works fine. It seems the read routine in  python isn't converting dos text file to linux style correctly.



8 years 10 months ago

Thanks for the post...

  • where did you get the file ?  
  • how did you transfer it to your system ?
  • what kind of system are you on (guessing Linux of some flavor) ?