How can i connect a pseye to opencv i have allready the drivers and it doesnt work or at least tell me the steps i need to do to connect any camera

Please, i would be so greatfull.


8 years 2 months ago

Hello and Welcome maxilar20,

I do not have a ps3 eye - but I have helped others who do.  MastaBlasta - had one I believe and he says it was a big PITA.  

This is a difficult camera.

I will list in steps what to try..  mebbe others can contribute too.

  • step 1 - is there any application where you have gotten the video stream from the camera to display on the computer ? ..   This at least would verify that you have some form of working hardware, a working driver, and an application which can display the video
  • step 2 - Let me know when you get step 1 working :)

yes ive tried to open it with cl-eye test and picassa 3 and both of them work.


In the bottom it says python error when i run the python program for tracking



8 years 2 months ago

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In my opinion a ps eye camera isnt the way to go, tried it, got it sort of working, but never worked great. A simple webcam for windows is the best, drivers are already installed in windows and thus can be used by myrobotlab. 

A ps eye needs its own drivers, for windows and mrl, and is hard work if not beeing a coder.


you can save yourself a lot of trouble and hook up a normal webcam.

and a python errors tells me you dont have your program (script) righht.

what mrl version do you use, with what arduino version? And what script? We cant help if we sail blind.



8 years 2 months ago

If you want to continue to try with the PS - eye

Next step would be to see if it works with OpenCV without MRL...

Unfortunately it doesn't look like any of our repo bundles contain an opencv executable to test :(

So .. it would mean you need to compile OpenCV 2.4.6 on your machine with (compile examples) option on and test one of the programs created like LKDemo 


8 years 1 month ago

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i did it work with other programs so i thought that it works so what do i hav e to do so it works in MRL please help!!!!!!!!!!!!