PS4 Single Handed Controller Deployed

Rounding things off, good news is the PS4 left handed controller is finished and in transit ... with Merlin in tow.

My game controller skills were good enough to shoot a "Striker Mech" in the rear-end (not the best place apparently).

It is quite a comfortable grip and I was able to play for a couple of hours.....per day...for a week...just to test...


All controls were implemented, using original switch internals where possible.


Merlin went off with the package, he is guarding the Digital pad (many iterations and test prints went into this to get just that right feel).


Menu buttons sweet and simple, and to the right is the "look around" joystick.


Beneath the whole controller is the movement joystick which sits on your knee or cushion, so pushing the whole controller side to side or backwards/forwards or pressing down give the appropriate response, this effectively illuminates the use of a second hand....(win win).

Comfy, ergonomic and easily adjustable... you might notice the bottom buttons are on slide rails, which I could adjust for best fit and then epoxied to fix permanently



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GroG's picture

Merlin Kicks Ass !  Great

Merlin Kicks Ass ! 
Great build Gareth, nice to see all that hard work come together.
When will the future owner of Merlin get to try out striking mechanical robot bull butts ?