The Prusa has 1 Dimension !

1 axis ...  I can print Pencils !!!! 
I had to off center the belt because the stepper did not fit under the bar clamp, because I decided to use the pre-existing sissy holes that were already drilled ..    that's what I get for using sissy holes !

This is after I corrected putting the Y motor mount on the wrong side of the F#*$&@ toothed belt bearings !  (oops)


References :


Top assembled - Y motor mount put on correctly (I think) - now I got to get some measuring thingies and get Jiggy with it....


Yes Amazing !   This small device has overcome the gravity force of an ENTIRE PLANET !!!  It stands by itself !  There are no hidden wires and no trick photography !  Thanks to the help of DJUltis it has grown to this amazing height !


Theoretically I have all the parts, and now I've promised Alessandruino that I would spend at least 1 hour a day putting it together...

Ok, here we go - I'll be looking at the following video series in order to guide me - 




Final package came in the mail yesterday evening.  Now, I just have to put it together ! 


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Hmmm.... Not enough stuff in the picture. Where is all the plastic? And more stuff?

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Yes, you are absolutely

Yes, you are absolutely correct...

This is the stuff I've been waiting on for so long... I'll put all the parts together and take a picture (soon as I can find some table space) :P

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Cool finaly, it's been a long

Cool finaly, it's been a long wait.

Hope you get a bit of time to build it. Someone on Letsmakerobot has been building a prusa with all kinds of pictures during the steps. But I guess you had to wait such a long time now, that you must have build it in your mind at least a dozen times.

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Whoooo stands by

Whoooo stands by itself :D amazing what you ve done with just One hour a day :D

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Getting going! One hour per

Getting going! One hour per day, that's a good resolution. Are the printed parts okay until now?

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Ya..i make him promise One

Ya..i make him promise One hour a day because he does a lot for us every day, forgetting to think to himself too :D

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Parts are great !... The

Parts are great !... The assembly video I listed is not an official RepRap video - and I noticed some of the parts are different.  It's interesting to see the evolution - everyone making slightly different parts for different reasons.  I now go back go the RepRap site whenever things don't look the same..

Now comes a round of measuring stuff and tightening down.

I'm glad I promised Alessandruino - I usually make software, and I can easily spend all my time there - it great to do something different !