Project Tango - this needs to be Borg'd

Don't know all the details .. but it feels like this Sooooooooo  needs to be Borg'd.
What I think this is .. is .. the all powerful "Google" has created an sdk to harness the full potential of the most common commercially available hardware which contains the most densely packed sensor platform (ie. the smartphone)

I'm always curious if the functionality can work on the smartphone only - or if calling into Google services is part of its dependencies...  we shall see...

So this is what Jonny Lee did at Google - very cool (as I would expect)

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Nice project

I checked the requirements. It's currently only available on Andriod. So to borg it, we would need to make MRL able run on Android, or build a stand alone remote service for just Tango on the Android.

I don't think it will run on any Andriod tablet. So it will probably be necessary to buy the 'dev kit' to get access to the necessary hardware and software stack.

It would be really great to have access to SLAM from MRL.

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Parts of MRL have run on

Parts of MRL have run on Android before - just need to do it again (bigger stronger better faster ...)
I'm starting to refactor a lot of the networking stuff, so that this will be easier

Specifically the Gateway interface, WebGui & RemoteAdapter,  Communicators .. etc..  The idea being, if communication becomes very simple, and nearly with nearly zero dependencies, the ability to create and interface with remote services becomes trivial.