Progress Report

April 6, 2018.


  Fred-X's middle is finished... Sort of.

I have completed the mechanical assembly.  I have discovered that if I change the state of configuration file 9 Neopixel from False to True that it causes the software to run as though there were some process eating up 99 % of the system resources. 

  I recommend not trying to run a NeoPixel ring unless you have a fix for this. I am not at that point yet.

  As soon as I get Fred's right leg finished I eill be standing him on his own legs.




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Ray.Edgley's picture

NeoPixel is OK

Hello Mike,

While I was testing out the new Nixie build of MyRobotLab, I thought I should give the neopixel a bit of a go.

So while still running OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) with the Yolo (You Only Look Once) filter, i connected an Arduino Mega 2560 with one small servo on pin 12 and a Neopixel ring with 16 neopixels connected to pin 4.

This is working a treat and has had no impact on the video frame rate of the openCV with Yolo running.

Yolo has been running at 16 FPS for well over a day now, at the time of this reply 1692K frames have been processed.

The patterns for the Neopixels work well but they are very bright to look at.