Progress with Damian Legs

After many failures and broken parts, I finally managed to run the leg mechanism. One leg can easily lift the entire weight of the robot. Unfortunately, there are still small problems with the driver and positioning. I am sure that the problem is the internal microprocessor oscillator. I have to change the microprocessor to one with more outputs so that an external oscillator can be used. Additionally, use the current measurement outlet in VNH2SP30. Driver is the key to correct positioning of legs and getting rid of unwanted movements.

But as You see the legs mechanism is very strong and fast, I think it is enough fast for normal walking.

This is film i recorded on test.



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Getting closer

Hello Bart,

This is looking awsome.
Next trick is to get Damian and Fred standing on their own two feet with loose shoulder supports.

At that point we can start to look at dynamic balancing.
And from there walking.

As for the processor speed, you could be right about it being too slow.
I stumbled across a YouTube clip the other day on electronics

From that I had a quick look on ebay and found the following.

At 48MHz its a lot faster than the 16MHz of a Nano and is a 32 bit processor as well.

Just food for thought


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wow, looking great!

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Hello Bart, do you have a video of your waist area moving?

I don't seem to be getting much movement out of mine..

But, it is working, so that is a start to build on.


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Hello Bartosz, I'm trying to

Hello Bartosz,

I'm trying to use VNH2SP30, but I do not know how to connect it.

DiyServo service does not have:
Motor1 direction A
Motor1 direction B

What service are you using?

Do you have an example script to understand how it works?

Thank you!