Glyph icons are being used now for the top nav - elipses, notifications, and shutdown

notifications are now not pushing things down.  The idea will be to have badge # (currently hardcoded to 5) increment on the numbers of new notifications, and only if the notification icon is selected then a log of items will be visible.  Still requires work, but progress has been made.

And more importantly, Astro and I got updates exchanged.
He did not have to wait for a build to complete, instead he used git to get my updates and use them on his computer.  He should be able to make changes and share them with me.

goodtimes ....

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Bigger Better SideNav Service Handle

Looks better Astro ! , but on first refresh, it does not appear ... zindex problem?

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I think the button doesn't

I think the button doesn't appear, because the sidenav opens itself automatically on refresh.

The fact it opens by itself is a good thing.

I am using this fresh post to invade it. :)

I have tried to start some service within InMoovGui.html which are not parts of InMoov service.

This is in the intent to get a UI almost completely functional, even if some services remain not completly fixed in

As you suggested yesterday I tried this without success:

ng-click="msg.start(i01.OpenNI, OpenNI)"

Then I tried various options but none of them worked:

ng-click="msg.start('i01.OpenNI', 'OpenNI')"

ng-click="mrl.start('i01.OpenNI', 'OpenNI')"

ng-click="mrl.start(i01.OpenNI, OpenNI)"

ng-click="mrl.startService(i01.OpenNI, OpenNI)"

ng-click="mrl.startService('i01.OpenNI', 'OpenNI')"

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Yes, it's hidden, and sidenav

Yes, it's hidden, and sidenav open after 3 secons because onload dosen't work in Angular.
This was what I was able to get it to open the first time, and the delay is because I noticed that it was behaving strange if there was no content loaded yet.

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Ya things are weird in

Ya things are weird in Angular (want to move to React in next release)

Service information loads asychronously..
but we could have it load after the first service is loaded

From the server we can't guarantee that all the services are ever loaded, or that they will come to the gui in any order.  We can trap events of the "first" service or a service with a specific name.

"runtime" and "security" are the only services guaranteed to be those names .. because there can only be one of each of those in a running myrobotlab.