ProgramAB wont load Bot/User

in my Sarah startup script found below, the programAB service is called with the parameters aimldir, botname and username. (sarah.startSession(aimlDir, "nolan", "sarah"))

But when I send "Hello" to it i get the default "I have no answer for that". I then have to go to the swing Gui and change the bot name from Alice to sarah and deafult to nolan.

I was talking to Kwatters about this and he mentioined perhaps when i call the web gui the deaults are overriding my parameters and putting back in the "alice" and "nolan"

I want this bot to run on boot of a pi running headless so i need to get this manual intervention requirement fixed.


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latest :)

Hi bb8!

  I made some changes to the web gui for program ab last night.  I hope the latest build should work for you the way you want now.  I'll be doing some more testing.  I updated the webgui so that it takes the bots name as the default bot name and it takes the most recent username as the current user for defaults in the web gui.

give it a try.  I plan on doing some more work on programab today, so  I should be around.

good luck!

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will test shortly and report

will test shortly and report results

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progress but not fixed as of 990

with the newest build the Pragrom AB launches and loads with the correct username and bot name, but the bot doesnt appear to actually be loaded. I hit the start session button in the web gui and still do not get a proper response from the bot. 

to date the only way I can get the bot to respond is if i go to the swing gui and type in sarah, hit start, then hit reload. Am i the only one getting this behavior? Are your bots loading correctly and answering questions automatically or do you have to manually start the sessions? 

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I just put this in my python

I just put this in my python script and it work :




Humm ! I remember that i had to add the line "sleep 1", because my bot wasn't loaded ! Maybe it's that you need !

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I was able to fix the issue,

I was able to fix the issue, the problem was the way I was passing the bot folder parameter, I was being overly complicated about it. As soon as I changed it back to the standard "ProgramAB" value it started working right away. Thanks for all the help.