programAB, list of commands, verification

In the examples with spinx I found it nice to be able to specify the accepted commands and that InMoov is asking back whether it understood my command correctly.

How can I set programAB up to the same behaviour?

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onRequestConfirmation is implemented in Sphinx

Hi Jeurg,

  this happens with a method that is invoked called  "requestConfirmation"  from the mouth.  ProgramAB is not actually involved with this   "did you say "x"?"   "ok"  ...   

SpeechSynthesis interface defines  onRequestConfirmation(String utterance)  

This behavior is only implemented for Sphinx.  It is not implemented for the Webkitspeechrecognition.

It shouldn't be too hard to make webkitspeechrecognition also add that ability.. but now it only works with sphinx.