ProgramAB Better WebGui

Has log, better UI responsiveness depending on data.  It has selectable bots and sessions with talk button or enter key.

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Cool work Grog!!! Ahh great

Cool work Grog!!!

Ahh great come back of log info for programAB. I really was missing it in the webGui.

I am wondering also with the changes you guys plan to do with programAB. I read that you don't want to overwrite the default AIML, but what about the learnf.AIML which is used for the bot to learn new things via  some of the InMoov_Knowledge.AIML and other AIML files which I forgot the name.

I don't know if it's a good idea to seperate the bundled AIML, it might be very confusing for someone new to understand that some other AIML are located in various places. But correct me if I didn't understand your plan.

Another point I noticed recently which is not working anymore, in Manticore if I would say "hello my name is John", the session name would automatically change from Gael to John and a new predicate file was created for John. This was very good because it would create a personal data knowledge about John, instead of writting all things on Gael's predicate.

This is not because something changed in the AIML, but I think it was changed in programAB.

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I can't speak to all the

I can't speak to all the detail in ProgramAB, but in general there should be 2 very important directories:

  • resource - the resource directory will hold resource/ProgramAB and resource/InMoov2 and .. and .. and all data that comes from dependencies.  This "should" be read-only info because it will be updated and overwritten by future upgrades.
  • data - the data directory which could have the same strucuture data/ProgramAB etc.. is the place were all user data will be.  A user can do whatever they want here, and future upgrades will never overwrite any of the files.  I suspect that learned stuff would be here.
    There is still refactoring to be done .. e.g. ProgramAB dumps into the root directory - (needs to be fixed) .. but we are getting closer.

InMoov2 will come with its own set of bots seperate from ProgramAB.  A users interaction with this is they would see en-US, fr-FR, ... etc. but not see Alice2 which is how it is anyway.  If someone was just to start ProgramAB by itself - they would only see Alice2

I don't know about the manticore differences, perhaps kwatters can speak to it.

I do have a question for you, which is for all your recent gui work, how are you running mrl ?  
I'd be curious to see perhaps in a quick video how you start, play, edit, and git commit & push / pr your changes ?  Not only would I like kinder softer gentler mrl for users - but also for developers.

@Astro - same question for you ;)