ProgramAB and JIMMIE

Hi Team,

JIMMIE will use the openNLP 1.9.0 version and ProgramAB likes the 1.6.0.  Would you please update the Maven POM dependency so that JIMMIE uses opennlp1.9 and Mary use the 1.6.  The code is in the Marytts lib, so I cannot directly update via ProgramAB.  The POSTagger is the issue.  IT now uses a Stream, rather than FileInputStream, or something like that.  JIMMIE has the correct usage based on te 1.8 model and beyond. Thank you.  I tried locally, but Maven beat me like a poor defenseless raven. For now, I removed my use of the Lemmitizer in JIMMIE and am able to work unabridled in MRL developing the framework code, etc..  

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ProgramAB does not use OpenNLP

Hi SurferJim,

  ProgramAB does not use OpenNLP at all.  There is a different service in MyRobotLab called the DocumentPipeline.  that does use OpenNLP.  I already updated the version of OpenNLP to be 1.9.0 for that.


The commit for it is here:


I also updated the version of solr to version 7.4.0 and included an additional deeplearning library for some other work that I'm hammering out.


As for MarySpeech, yes it's true it depends on OpenNLP, however, that dependency is explicitly excluded from the pom .. here:


So, just pull and you should get the latest OpenNLP along with it.

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gah... method not found.

So, I stand corrected...  It turns out MarySpeech is using a method that existed in version .1.6.0 of opennlp and it no longer exists in version 1.9.0...

So, when running the unit tests we saw an error in the mary speech service after the version update.

This leaves us with little option other than hoping that MarySpeech has a more recent version that bumps the version number, or we have to build mary ourselves and provide a pull request to upgrade the opennlp version back to the mary speech project to address this...  

I've reverted the change to update the opennlp version.  more to follow..

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Unfortunately, we are on

Unfortunately, we are on MaryTTS version 5.2, which is almost 2 years old and the newest one. But they seem to be currently working on (finally) getting 6.0.1 out (currently doing Alphas on their 6.x branch), which as far as I can tell still uses opennlp 1.7.2.

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Rename the Libs

StackOverflow suggests renaming one of the jars to a unique name, to avoid name collisions. Would it be possible to rename some of the jars in MRL?  We soulld just rebuild/repackage the jar or add OSGI support, hehe

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pay it forward...

I think the best thing is just to offer a pull request to the marytts folks to get them up to the latest... worst case, we could have our own upgraded version of mary.

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Response Object

Hi and Thank you,

I was also wondering if we should update the Response object that is declared internally within ProgramAB.  I need a response object that is very similar.  Should we put our heads together and create a generic one for MRL that will serve AB and JIMMIE?  As I see there is a Typecast when it gets to Shoutbox?  Maybe we pass one generiic Response object that we share.    Just a thought

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move response class

Hi SurferJim,  

Sure, i think the response class was just created as an inner class because at the time, nothing else used it :)

I'm fine with moving it out to a proper top level class,  for now we can move it org.myrobotlab.programab.