So i just copied the code from mrl to the arduino and i keep getting errors with the TCCR0B, TCCR1B and TCCR2B.

After that i tried to include the mrlcomm library  in the code and it changed the error but i dont think this the way to follow for the solution. (image for reference).

Also i noticed that the tab for the arduino in my mrl is different from the one that i see in the tutorials.

here are  the images of the errors, so anyone knows what is the problem? 

I think it's going to be something really easy but it's my first time with arduino and mrl so i dont know that much. It would be really great if someone could help me. 



7 years 6 months ago

Hello and welcome noezd !

We will help you ... Resistance is Futile !

What "type" or Arduino board do you have.. I believe Markus had the exact problem with a Arduino Micro..

We got it fixed up for him.  Also be sure your using the latest Arduino IDE to upload the firmware.

What are you going to do with it when you get it loaded i.e. What is your goal after things are worky ?

P.S. thanks for the screen shot - that's always helpful.
And, change your avatar ! Don't be a scared gopher !

Hello and Thank you so much, i was using an arduino Due but after reading your comment i changed the board, now im using an arduino mega 2560 and its working perfect.

Right now im working on building inmoov. 

This is a great community and i expect to keep in contact with everyone. And i know that im new in this but  i hope that i can help someone.