Problem with Leap Windows 7

Hello,  I am trying to get the leap interface running.  Hardware and base software runs but when I run the python script from the inmoov website, I get one fingers pulsing back and forth.  Any ideas ? attaching log file.

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From your log it looks as if you are running MRL Manticore, which is the latest "official" release but by now is considerably outdated. There are many errors in the log that are originating from source files that don't exist anymore or have been considerably changed, so it's likely updating will fix this. Try the latest Nixie build by pressing the link that says "latest" in the top left corner of this website, but install it in a separate folder in case you want to go back to Manticore later.

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Hello, Currently the Leap is


Currently the Leap is not working properly in Manticore and also not working in Nixie (1.1.20) but was working in Kraken.