Problem in launching the Myrobotlab sofware [SOLVED]


I downloaded and installed Java 1.7 for win 64

I then downloaded and unzipped the "All In one - Windows 64"

I then launched the myrobotlab.bat batch file.
The only thing it is happening is that I see the batch shell window opening up and closing immediately, nad then... nothing happen.
Am I missing something?
Thank you

Roberto Preatoni

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Hi Roberto :) are you

Hi Roberto :) are you Italian? :)

Check if java have been installed correctly... To do this open a command shell using cmd and type java -version Then tell us what happens

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Here is the screenshot, to me

Here is the screenshot, to me everything seems fine. or not?

Alessandruino's picture looks good... another looks good... another question..did you unzip the contenent of the folder?

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the contents of myrobotlab?

the contents of myrobotlab? yes, it is on my desktop

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navigate using command line

navigate using command line till myrobotlab.bat file and then open it.. let us know

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Ok it works now, for some

Ok it works now, for some strange reason, the desktop of my windows virtual machine was NOT the desktop of the user, so I copied all the files manually inside the user desktop and not it starts


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Resistence is futile !!! MyRobotLab : One software to rule them all !

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Thank you for the patience!

Thank you for the patience!