I just dont know how this should work

I am having trouble with how to use OpenCV face reconzier on Azul
the computer is running windows 7 with 8 gigs, 64 bit, I7 processor
using MRL version 1.0.2693 (the version Gael lists on the Inmoov web site as safe)
have Java 8 64 bit loaded
using Gael's Inmoov scripts downloaded from Inmoov web site
only changed the config folder files and skelton files to adjust for Azul (set to Full)
using "start inmoov.bat", no errors on startup
Azul seems to work fine on any commands I have tried
I say "camera on" and going to openCV tab I see a picture shows up
say "start face recognizer" and it starts, the boxes come up around the eyes and the mouth of a person
I save 4 different people putting in there names and pick "save"
checking, I see a folder called "training"  below MRL with there names on folders with pictures in the folders
say "face detection" and a square box comes up around the face of the person
the head moves trying to keep the face in the middle of the screen, which seems right
say "start face recognizer" but I never see the person being reconized
what am I doing wrong or what am I missing?  Or what is the next step?
2nd try,  running basic MRL, pick runtime, start "openCV"
pick capture, see picture, pick "face recognizer" , add name, pick train, pick save
see boxes around eyes and mouth, check and see in MRL folder a training folder with names
on screen see made harland, snapshot saved harland
harland folder has pictures
go back into openCV "face recognizer"  but don't see any names for a face
nothing in status at bottom of screen
I appreciate the help from Kev in shoutbox last night
any ideas?