Problem Creating new chatbot in programAB

Good day


Can some please assist me, i am trying to create a new chat bot in ProgramAB.

When i tipe the name of the bot which is in the folder together with the test aiml file it

says error core not loaded.

i followed a tutorial by Kevin Walters posted on youtube a few years back and

i presume alot have changed since then.


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more details...

ahoy!  So,  I'd love to help, and possibly even update those videos, i'm sure they're out of date.

What happened?  What did you try to do?  What happened?  What did you expect to happen?  Can you send a "no worky" (that's the myrobotlab.log file..  when you send a no-worky it uploads the log file so we can have a look.)

what ever it was, i suspect you needed to "start a session" between a user and a bot.  

you need to specify a username .. and a bot name.  ... then you should be calling startSession for that user/bot combo.

It's been a while since I've tried to use the GUI to do this..

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more details

Hi Kevin.

My main goal is to build a robot that can respond to voice commands as you mentioned in your tutorial.

Track and recognize faces and respond with the chat bot using Raspberry p4 an Arduino.

I also see that i cannot add aiml files to alice2 or if so how can i add them?

I did the no worky thing.

Could you please update the tutorials of how to make a chatbot in programAB and also how to train and recall someones face via openCV.

I have one more request, Can you put up more detailed tutorials on aiml <categories><star/></srai>

and by the way BIG FAN of your work.


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Got it working!!

Hi Kevin

I got the chatbot working. So excited!!!

Turns out after every aiml code edit, i needed to refresh or restart MRL:

Your tutorials are working perfect.

Keep it coming!

Thanx in advance...