Problem of build ...

Hi ,

I've a little problem, when i build the dist or jar, the build is successful, but  the new service WikiDataFetcher is not installed , must i add it somewhere ?

And another little thing, the version is1.0$(envTRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER) , Normal ?

all is ok under eclipse (F11)



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Hi Beetle, I'm glad you asked

Hi Beetle,

I'm glad you asked this question.  You can't see your service until you update the repo's serviceData.json .  

This is perfect, in that I have been working on the framework to get rid of this file !! :D  It makes me happy, because in the near future, this would be a question which does not need to be asked. 
But for now (until I'm done) , you have to add it here

as for the version .. Yes - that is normal because the only official version release is from the build server - so any jar built locally will have that weird reference.

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Thx Grog, But i guess i must

Thx Grog,

But i guess i must first add the .jar , . java and ServiceData.json file to master . How to do it from develop branch ? using merge in eclipse ?

I never did that, so a little help is welcome !

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Beetle !! I see where you

Beetle !!

I see where you added the wdtk-client dependency !  Well Done !  (it's missing an ivy.xml file - this controls what is downloaded when the dependency is needed) 

I would be glad to help with the /repo/serviceData.json - but I need the service checked in first, to make sure I have the correct name etc.. 

I don't see any WikiDataFetcher checked into the myrobotlab  ..