Hello every body,

Sorry if my engish are very bad I speak very little.

If I writh you today, it's because i don't understand where is the part for moov the hand in this sketch in Arduino, It is very long and i'm lost... Please who can say me where is the necessary part for moov the and with arduino for my robot lab ?


Thank's for your help !

Emma Pie


if you talk about the python script,here is two lines move the hands



the first argument is the side (left hand or right hand) and the numbers are the angles for each fingers and the wrist .

(String side,Integer thumb, Integer index, Integer majeure, Integer ringFinger, Integer pinky, Integer wrist)

Hi Emma.

There is no speific code in the Arduino for the hand. It's a generic code, so that the Arduino can be used for any purpose, like driving servos or reading analog values. It communicates with MyRobotLab thru the serial interface. So all the logic for the hand is executed in a Python script on the PC.  

You need to first start the Arduino service. There you will find the code that should execute in the Arduino. Copy and paste that code to the Arduino compiler and load it to the Arduino 

Then write a pyton script that starts the Arduino service that communicates with the Arduno, and 5 servo services that are used for each finger. All the servos services use the same Arduino service.


If you want to use the hand with only the Arduino, then you need to write your own Arduino code. In that case you don't use MyrobotLab at all.

The commands to drive the servos directly in the Arduino are expained here:



I hope that my answer helps you understand how MyRobotLab works and what the alternatives are.