Please help me

Please help me, i dont record video in java, i have ipcamera panasonic blc111..

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Hello Dedy, What video

Hello Dedy,

What video formats does a panasonic blc111 support - you might want to include links to manuals which have this information too.



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sorry am newbie :Di want

sorry am newbie :D

i want record video format MPEG-4, whether it can with panasonic ipcamera blc 111?


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Java does not need additional libraries in order to decode JPEGs but to decode MPEG-4 there is no SE or SDK support.  Can you change the format to JPEG?  If not then you have to find a good library.. My first guess is to use Xuggle.


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  so, I can record a video


so, I can record a video in what format?
You have the example code in java panasonic ipcamera recording?
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The OpenCV Service can record video

The fact that you have given me snippets of MRL code, makes me believe that you have another purpose.  Can you describe what you trying to do ?  Maybe you can achieve it with VLC - VLC can stream video in from a remote source, and I believe record it.

It has MPEG4 decoding capability.


It even has specifics for a Panasonic MPEG4

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Thanks Friends

Thanks GroG, if one day I want to record directly from java without having to use the help of vlc, what can I do, You can help me record it directly from java? the video format that you think is easy?

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Please teach me

i want record video in java ipcamera

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Doing a little more research

Doing a little more research - I found this stack overflow stating the Xuggle although amazing does not have much support for IP cameras

The recommondation was to use Java bindings to VLC - here is the link

Here are some examples -

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Thanks Grog, my project was finish, now i use ipcamera with VLC 

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i am use this code 

rtsp:// and save to file ipcam.asf  so i am open to vlc,  if I want to record, what code should I add to my file? Am newbie smiley