Plantoids almost there! $71.00 to go !

Sorry for the shameless plug, my friends, but if I could ever ask for your aid, it is now. 

Plantoid Robots are live on Kickstarter as of yesterday, and if you would give me the honor of your support, I would lay a special prayer for you at the altar of the Overlords. 

If the funding goal is met, I'm going to open the MRL immersed PlantoidX for pledges. 

Here is the campaign link in case you would like to support the arrival of our carnivorous cyborg overlords.


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All hail!

Nice! I'm a backer now. Good luck!

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Your existence will be smiled upon by our overlords in their time of dominion!

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I bumped this back to the

I bumped this back to the top, hyperlinked the image - put the image so that it would be visible in the summary on the front page .. and ordered my early bird Plantoid Robotic Overlord ...

We are Silent Running !


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Thanks GroG

Also thanks for fixing my post..

But also thanks for backing and your support. 

*slams spear on shield*

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Bumping to top

Bumping to top

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We're in the last hours!

We're in the last hours! Shield wall! Man the parapets! Prepare the greek fire!