Plantoid Deep Dive Research

Lately I've been able to pick up on Plantoid research, its been great to be able to stretch out in a new shop space and unpack the 'bots, which are in great need of repair and upgrade. 

So far, updates to latest MRL and services seem to be going well, though many services still aren't starting, I haven't been able to keep testing for bugs, as lots of areas need some direct attention there. 

Fortunately there is lots of good news, and even some great news for plantoids, as I have partnered with our local botanical garden to have an immersive bot building workshop. It's going to be fun, and is a great launchpad for the simplest, solely Arduino versions of Plantoids that I've been making as kits. They don't MRL, but making them helps give me some funds to put toward the larger, MRL based. plantoids. I've been spending my time reducing the size and complexity of the Arduino kits to the point that I can build and supply affordable starter kits that yield an engaging platform for any builder, regardless of skill level.


New LEGS:  Previous versions all want to be strandbeests, as I love Theo Jansen's design and I want to pay homage and grow my robo-fu from a kinetic master. The latest update to Orbous is a simplified and scaled up version, using a geared cam drive, rather than the direct drive of previous models. 

That being said, more traditional motion systems for plantoids are going to be modeled using treads, RC buggy systems with diff drive, and more. 

With new developments in the function and stability of the updated Plantoids, it is exciting to think of new applications and forms the bots could take on. With so many possibilities out there,  plantoids and environmental science are part of the main mission at my company, Citizen Scientific Workshop. 

To Do: 

-Add VNC for GUI Option, hopefully TightVNC or similar. The unified tabs on the MRL desktop GUI are just a preference for me, I still rely on that window...

-Test through Plantoid Service Functions

-Update code for drive systems to support multiple methods of motion.

-Add MRL and Plantoid service to startup.