PIR sensor?

A question about the PIR sensor. I have now moved to the Manticore 1.0.2693 version and am running the INMOOVE gestures and routines that install with it. I have the service_C_Pir.config set to True and the right pin number defined, along with the correct board. When starting Azul the PIR service says it starts. Putting Azul to sleep with “Go To Sleep” works, I expect Azul to wake up by movement in front of the PIR sensor. Azul does not wake up. The question, does the PIR routine work in this version of MRL?


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Hello Harland, Yes the PIR

Hello Harland,

Yes the PIR wake up routine works in this version.


How is your PIR connected? Was it correctly working before? Is it adjusted?

Here is a tutorial for the connections to the NervoBoard:


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thanks Gael

I will keep working on it, just wanted to make sure it was not the software.