Pingdar progress

Not checked in but making some progress with Pingdar - there was a considerable amount of "clean up" form the original WiiDar radar display.

Some things that I noticed - there is alot more range events per single servo move. 

TODO - stop ranging doesnt appear to work. look into moving the servo faster or at different speeds.. try setting an appropriate sample rate.  

Auto-scaling would be a nice feature - to zoom the display out until the furthest rang found is within view.  History of traces options - wether to leave the previous radar sweep data on the field or not .. or let it die slowly..  lots of possiblities

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What about making it optional

What about making it optional to let it die slowly, or  leave data on, and what about making speed a slider? Dont know how it would affect detail, but on short distance you could use more speed i guess, and on far distance sometimes slow is better or worse, so giving it to the iser to decide would be nice!