Pic Microcontrolor on myrobotlab


I want to control a Pic microcontrolor but i dont know how to create a servo for Pic and howa can i use it from Myrobotlab interface

can u help me on that plz

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Welcome smartboy

Post the specifics of your Pic.  
Which one do you have, what have you done with it so far? 
Can you communicate with it through the computer?
Does it have a USB interface - like this http://www.waitingforfriday.com/index.php/Building_a_PIC18F_USB_device

What are your plans for it?


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c'est le Pic16f84

c'est le Pic16f84

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Have you done serial

Have you done serial communication with the PIC and your computer ? 

Like this :


If not I would start there.