personalized haarcascade

Hi guys,

I am reading an interesting book about computer vision. With thie book, i learned  how to make personalized haarcascade clasifier . For a first test i've been able to create a stop sign finder  . So i was wondering if it is posible to add personal haarcascade filter to mrl .. I had a quick look at openCv service java .So i know it's possible, but it's more easy to add it in python than rebuild mrl each time we want to add a new filter !

Another question even if i think to know the answer : Is it possible to use two or more classifier at same time ? by exemple to detect road signs without testing a picture for each sign one by one .

Thx for your help 

The next chapter of my book is about augmented reality 

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I'd like to know which book

I'd like to know which book beetlejuice ... 

I think we are thinking of the same things :D

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It's a french book.  It

It's a french book. 

It contain :

START with openCv library

ACKNOWLEDGE facial expressions or numerals in digital writing

FIND objects with Watershed algorithm and Haar cascade classifier

GO FURTHER with augmented reality, the stereo vision and the piloting of an application by the vision