Perfect MouthControl

Hi ! this is perfect mouthcontrol synchronisation :

Can be impoved





1 arduino nano dedicated to it

Output jack to input analog ( aref 1 volt my jack output 1volt max )

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Speech sync

I found the original syncing software only lags when the robot speaks in sentences with multiple syllable words.

This is to be expected as the inMoov jaw mechanism can never be as quick as a human mouth. Otherwise it was very good, I thought. 

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Nice job

That look great moz4r

yes the original mouth control have a lot of limitation and is in fact quite simple and can get quite out of sync with certain words or if you use a voiceset that talk at different speed. The only advantage is that it do not need any hardware to use.

Well, that's one more thing to put on my list of improvement :)



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Hi ! thanks, sorry for your

Hi ! thanks, sorry for your list mine is never ending too :)

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You mention a few things that

You mention a few things that your mouthcontrol needs. Do you have a connection diagram how you set up everything? Any resistors or other components in place?

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Hi ! i hope it can help you ,

Hi ! i hope it can help you , it's a very simple diagram, the most difficult part is calibration :

Exemple : I have 0 volt when robot didn't speak , and Max 1 volt when it speak. ( and of course  intermediate values it depend of words ). Sound level to MAX .

So I chose INTERNAL aref :

If you cant get values from jack and connect the arduino on the amplifier maybe you need EXTERNAL aref.

It's better to connect arduino onto the unamplified jack because you can change sound level with the amplifier without break the calibration.

Just play with the arduino serial Monitor to calibrate