Pass through Voice

Is it possible to pass through a conversation via MRL to Inmoov. Basically I would like to wear a headset and talk freely and the sound come out of the INmoov speaker and the mouth move accordingly.  Rather than pre-record a conversation. This way I can be innteractive with a group of people etc.

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Inmoov Neopixels

Is there a way to control the neopixels colours and movement for Inmoove ?

Would like to potentially pick other colors or make them all the same ?


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Hello,To modify the neopixel


To modify the neopixel colors, you need to edit the gestures that contain neopixel effect and modify the values. (eg.what about star

There is also some Neopixel values in the python files of system and life.

Regarding passing the voice through, you would need to create a script which would transfer what you are saying into some python filter which would add at the beginning of every sentence 'SAY'.

To test the 'SAY' function:

-Open the chatbot tab

-Type in "SAY how do you do?"

-Hear the robot tell you "How do you do"

-Note, you can do the same vocaly in your microphone, by starting every sentence with "SAY".

Also, some of the AIML files contain the "SAY" function, if you need an exemple to write your script, look into C:\MRL\myrobotlab.1.0.2693\InMoov\chatbot\bots\en\aiml\_inmoovKnowledge.aiml

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You could also bypass the

You could also bypass the chatbot entirely and just send the text straight to the TTS engine. With the default routing that should also cause the mouth to move in response. This will still output the voice as generated speech and not as your own, synchronizing mouth movements to raw voice audio is a lot more difficult.