Pan/Tilt for 38mm square board cameras

Pictures of prototype Left and Right pan/tilt mechanism. I'm waiting for 9g servos to test and of course the cameras are still in the post - somewhere. Slow boat from China?

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They look great !  I'm extremely curious as to how the 2 servos and camera will fit in.  I can't mentally visualize it at the moment..
Some the flood of questions :

1. Why are there 2 ?
2. Why are they of different materials?
3. How will the camera be mounted?
4. How did you make the hole for the axel ?  (is it drilled or printed that way?)
5. How much post processing did it take?
6. How long did it take to print?
7. Which printer did you use?
8. What software do you use ?


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  1. Right and Left for the use of others. And InMoov? Two Eyes. We are doing Stereo?
  2. Red is ABS. White/Clear is PLA.
    I have one machine with PLA because I bought some garbage plastic that won't print. I then fixed my other printer and am able to print with the red ABS.
  3. Cameras mount with screws or double sided tape.
    The cameras I ordered are 38mm X 38mm with mounting holes. I'll just drill matching holes from the pcb when I get the cameras.
  4. All holes are printed.
    It is design, print, assemble. ;-)
  5. A little exacto work to clean the red since the machine is running some whiz bang firmware and not fine tuned yet. The white PLA - that machine is dialed in - No processing other than - the design was first off and I needed to open the holes but, it is OK on the stl now - maybe.
  6. About 30 minutes per assembly. Meaning it should be about an hour for both - R&L.
  7. MBI Thing-O-Matic
    I highly recommend you go with a common cartesian printer for your effort rather than adding more experimentation on your plate. Use MakerGear, MakerBot, Ultimaker and stay away from the takers bearing gifts! You do not have the time to waste.
  8. RepG with MBI firmware and experimenting with Sailfish Firmware. Sketchup for making/editing designs.
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I did more post processing than standard. I used an acetone wash on the Red part - I cranked on a tab and broke it off. Then just painted the entire pieces with the acetone after gluing the broken part.

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Eye Servos

Sub-Micro Analog Servo. Blue Arrow S04310. ~2Kg-cm for 38mm x 38mm pan/tilt camera gimble.

Eye Servo

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Your really moving along,

Your really moving along, That's great !