Output data from 'Floorfinder' in opencv.

I am searching for a couple of days now. Where can i find wich opencv plugin, like floorfinder, outputs wich value? I used the roborealm floorfinder plugin before and that outputs the highest pixel within the selected "floor" area. Does the myrobotlab plugin work the same?

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Hello and Welcome mano .. I

Hello and Welcome mano ..

I think what you want can be achieved by segmenting out the floorfind results.
This can be done with InRange and FindContours

First InRange - with hue, saturaturation and value all enabled ...

with value set between 255 & 256 this effectively filters out all the white pixes found by the floorfinder.. hue and saturation are enabled but set to 0

find contours will quickly find the polygon around the segmented feature - and draw a box around it - the bounding box can be extracted from the published OpenCVData ..

The height of the bounding box is your max height I believe.

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Another algorithm and an

Another algorithm and an interesting read.... I think I would like to make a composite filter FloorFinder2 which does a texture match, or at least a HSV color fill...  excited about the possibilities..

I've looke at a couple examples and several have horizontal lines going up to find the edge at intervals .. before I saw that I was thinking radial lines from the orgin point.. If I remember correctly RoboRealm had you choose a shape - triangle or rectangle, and the match of that was 'filled'



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Just so you know - I've

Just so you know - I've started looking at the OpenCV service in the Swing GUI - and see this garbage happening ... I haven't worked on the Swing GUI for a very long time .. but a quick work-around without restarting is just undocking the panel .. thise will make the filters visible again ... 

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Ah i see. For me it's mostly

Ah i see. For me it's mostly the fact that if i want to close a tab/ stop a service like opencv, it won't close the tab.