Out One Eye In Another

Same as, In One Ear Out the Other, except switch sensory organs and direction ;)
KMC mentioned he was having difficulties getting the IPCamera service working.  A little while ago there was an effort to merge OpenCV's IPCamera FrameGrabber and IPCameras method of getting data.  In order to make this work one of the challenges was getting a valid test.  This was made more difficult since my laptop's camera no longer works do to a windows update :P

Step 1.  I figured I need a video source so I started OpenCV with a mkv file.  It worked quite well, no sound, but that's not OpenCV's purpose ;)

Step 2. I started a VideoStreamer which can take a video source (OpenCV) and publish it as MJPEGS on a IP Port.  This was accomplished with 2 lines of Python.

Step 3. I wanted to verify that it was streaming video so I started a modern browser (Chrome / Firefox - I think IE still can't do this !) and went to http://localhost:9090/output - Yay! Worky !

It worked, but I was surprised a little regarding the choppyness of Chrome.

Step 4. After a couple of bug fixes, I started another instance of MRL with OpenCV2 - and instead of an OpenCV frame grabber, I used the IPCamera frame grabber.  AND IT WORKED - YAY !  It was very smooth, and less choppy than Chrome !  At this point, it should be equivalent to attach to ANY MJPEG server !  But wait I had more to test.

Step 5.  I started the IPCamera service and set the URL to http://localhost:9090/output - YAY ! Normalized code is a good thing !  Of course the direction buttons don't work, because there is no "real" IP camera, but overall it was a WORKY day !

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Nice to know I helped inspire a WORKY kind of day.  Now I'll have to try it out.


BTW I like your choice of video files to test on.  Brian Cox "Wonders of the (Universe|Solar System)"

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I got it to work with both of my foscam clones (Vonnic and Wansview). Screenshot shows the camera that watches the print progress on my Prusa Air 2.