openweathermap Weather API

updated this post to use openweathermap service, instead of python script

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how's it working

Heya Moz4r,  

    I added this service a few weeks back.  I was curious how well it was working and if you've tested it.  I wrote the code very quickly so i suspect you might have some issues.  Let me know,  I'm happy to add some fixes if you like/need.  

  There is a lot more intormation returned than what I was exposing. I think as it was set up, it only returns the current weather, not the forcast, but I am pretty sure the forecast is also available...

Good stuff!


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Hi kevin worky great,it is

Hi kevin worky great,it is usefull and funny ! thank for it

I tweaked a little to read raw weather condition, so we can play with it, from chatbot side