I'm trying mrl on ubuntu and I have some problem with opencv service. When I starting opencv services the mrl is crashed.
In the attached you can find log debug.


8 years 12 months ago

Hi Darek Welcome Back !

I looked at the logs - Just to confirm your running a 32 bit Linux system?

I did not see anything hugely wrong.. Typically its a problem of missing or mis-matched dependencies. The version of OpenCV MRL wants to use is - if you have a different version on the system in a shared directory, or if you have missing or different versions of ffmpeg then it can crash.

We took the current binaries from JavaCV's builds - the project is great for Java to interface with OpenCV BUT - I wish he would compile a single executable with his share libraries...

The reason being is - it is pretty quick and easy to tell which dependency is missing or mis-matche when you run a C executable which uses the dlls .. it will say something like (libffmpeg.5.so not found) ... Regrettably the gobbly gook which is dumped out by the JVM is rather cryptic to interpret.

If you really want it to work on this machine I would suggest you compile OpenCV on it (rarely when you do a yum install of libopencv do you get a matching version)

If you need help compiling - let us know.

And if you successfully get it working we'd love to have a sample executable ;)

Hello GroG, nice to back

but this time with own printed inmoov (;

Now, I want to breathe  life into my Suse , off course base on your, the best robot platform - MRL!

I have PC 32 bit Ubuntu 14.04 . In the future i'll try to move  MRL to beaglebone black.

I'll try  compile opencv-  on ubuntu 14.04 but I meet first problem with dependence:

The ffmpeg package seems to have been removed from trusty/Ubuntu 14.04, instead, the Ubuntu started shipping the libav fork

The libav-tools package  use avconv instead of ffmpeg.

so avconv will work with  opencv2.4.6.1?

Not sure about the libav/avconv question...  But all these dependencies can be switched off/on during the cmake configuration.  Ultimately, the quicktest is to run some of the samples and see if they work.  As I mentioned they usually give more meaningful errors like "could not find lib ..etc.. etc.. "  versus looking at this through Java/MRL (which gets no error info)..

Good Luck ! :)