sampleTrying to shed some of my newb-ness on linux and command line processing with this Odroid X2 that I recently acquired. The performance aspects and cost made it the prime subject to create a new robot with. 

I used the Ubuntu Linaro 12.11 Robotics Edition available via Murrman on the Odroid forums.

I noticed that OpenCV and OpenNIv2 came precompiled among other cool looking things to play with like PCL (dunno what that is...) and ROS (this either) but the things being done with both of those look pretty cool too, so whatever happens.. it'll be fun.

The picture is a screenshot of the sample.

Getting samples running for OpenCV2.4.6.1 was as easy as Murrman said, and following his instructions has me shopping through the samples list learning what might eb fun to use in upcoming projects. 

I can either feel the newb-ness falling from me as my skills evolve or I'm just getting tired as I type...



8 years 11 months ago

Thanks to your help last week, I've got my own Odroid working.  I never did get the eMMC module to work so I have Murrman's image written to a 16gb SDC.

I'm using a Motorola lapdock as a workstation, but I'm waiting on some shorter, softer, cables to make the connections with.  The stiff HDMI cable and adapter I have works, but I can see that micro HDMI port ripping right off the Odroid board.

I've got an Xtion and enough servos and motors that I can get back into this game.  I plan on making structural parts with a 3d printer that just might ship within a few weeks.  But that shouldn't keep me from getting busy with the code.

Thanks for your update on this.


8 years 11 months ago

to work on these with you. I'm trying to get Freenect working to provide drivers for my kinect.

Odroid is kind of exciting to work with!