OpenCV + JavaCV + JavaCPP compiled and worky in MRL on RaspberryPi

UPDATE 01.02.2014

OpenCV optimized on Raspi.. from 1 frame every 30 seconds to 5 fps !! Good Job Grog!!

I'm on the other side Morpheus... I jumped !!!! Now i can bend spoons and avoid bullets :)


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GroG's picture

Nice work Neo !

InMoov on a RasPi  .. that is going to be amazing !!!
Keep Rockin !

(So shall we do (N) axis tracking now ! )
running without desktop (headless) + no gui update should help performance a bit..

GroG's picture

Right behind you neo

Performance on my system is horrible ... memory is being swapped .. I get about 1 frame and it all quits :P
We must optimize !

Alessandruino's picture

whooo hooo

YAY !!! Nice pic now you too are in the matrix :) Yep... i have the same issue with memory...i really would like to test with a raspi cam module !!