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I have benefitted greatly from the open source community.  I remember vividly installing Linux for the first time (in the "old" days when it came with 2 X 1.4M root & boot disks).  And gleefully reading Alessandro Rubini's Linux Device Drivers book.  It felt like the world opened up.  Things which were always hidden to me, such as device drivers, became transparent and accessible.  It was like somebody taught me to see after years of proprietary blindness.  I felt like I could do anything.

The Open Source community has changed the world significantly.  It has rocketed technology and software development to unimaginable heights.  It has also opened up avenues of friendships and community where people support one another with similar goals.

In that spirit I am interested in growing MRL and to this end it seems fitting that the "business" of MRL should be "Open".  I've seen a few examples of this recently and was impressed with it.   So, I will be listing all accounting information and business ideas on this page.  It feels like a worthwhile experiment. 

References & Business Ideas:

  • Open Source Business Models
  • Create Small MRL Starter Kit Bot which uses very inexpensive components & works seemlesly with MRL - Arduino or Teensy, with Ultrasonic Sensor - capable of doing Pingdar and charging off the usb port.  Uses bluetooth or wifi module for connectivity to MRL. Swarm potential with multiple ones.
  • Stickers !
  • Telepresence Bot
  • Cluster - inexpensive swarm bot
  • Group purchasing of hardware
  • I2C Digital I/O expander with a decent amount of current (400ma+) - something which a RasPi can drive other devices like relay boards, servo signal lines, etc.
  • Grant from -


Date  Description   Debit Credit  Net 
  Future Purchase
2X Spool of PLA
$60.00   -775.79
  Total $1380.00 $664.21 -715.79
2014.11.09 Donation   $9.41  
2014.11.01 Amazon Web Site $20.00    
2014.10.09 Donation   $9.41  
2014.10.01 Amazon Web Site $20.00    
2014.09.15  160 X T-Shirts $1280.00    
2014.09.09 Donation   $9.41  
2014.09.01 Amazon Web Site $20.00    
2014.08.09 Donation   $9.41  
2014.08.05 Donation   $193.90  
2014.08.03 Donation   $47.75  
2014.08.01 Amazon Web Site $20.00    
2014.07.09 Donation   $336.05  
2014.07.09 Donation   $18.92  
2014.07.09 Donation   $18.92  
2014.07.09 Donation   $1.62  
2014.07.09 Donation   $9.41  
2014.07.01 Amazon Web Site $20.00    


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Add a Bluetooth borg shield

Add a Bluetooth borg shield !!! :) One shield to rule them all without cables !

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Like this

Like this ?

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Kwatters mentioned this as a

Kwatters mentioned this as a possibility -

MRL will always be open source - but similar to how the Eclipse framework work, it could allow
commercial Services to be loaded.