open cv makes Windows crash

Hello everyone!
my name is sam, I build a robot inmoov, I integrated a camera in the eye.
I have a problem with open cv that crash my pc (blue screen and restart),
the camera is a 600 tvl with a USB capture video key, with the program comes with the key it works but with MRL it crashes,

Is it necessary for mrl to be in usb3? (I think I plugged it into usb 2 to make it work).
Does it use a direct x or something to update?

Thank you

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Hi sam, are you using usb hub

Hi sam, are you using usb hub ? can you send a noworky ?

Maybe you can try a different frameGrabber like :

- Manticore : opencv.setFrameGrabberType("org.myrobotlab.opencv.SarxosFrameGrabber")

- Nixie : opencv.setGrabberType("Sarxos")

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Thank you

Thank you for your answer,
I do not know exactly if it's a hub, it's a mini pc or everything is integrated but in the control panel it is marked "hub usb"


I tried a USB port 3 but the result is the same.
.I dont't not know if I do it right but in "displayrender =" I tested the 3 possibilities, did not bug with opencvframegrabber but I still do not see any image

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Open cv

what should I choose in input on opencv?
Thank you

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I hope you can see the picture, the video works through the tvr program but not under myrobotlab,
I sent a no-worky .

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Ahoy Cyberneo2002 ! and

Ahoy Cyberneo2002 ! and Welcome !

I don't see your noWorky .. last noWorky looks like is from hairygael.

I'd recommend the following, start with a new jar in a new directory ...
like c:\mrl\myrobotlab.jar

 java -jar myrobotlab.jar -install

wait till its all installed

java -jar myrobotlab.jar 

Try to start OpenCV ONLY .. 
you can do this through the runtime tab or using python 


cv = Runtime.start("cv","OpenCV")

start a capture ..

if it doesn't work - send a noWorky

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Cyberneo2002 please close tvr

Cyberneo2002 please close tvr program ( also process ) and every things that access the camera device before to launch opencv inside mrl

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New test

thank you for your answers,
a no worky in the name of cyberneo was sent but I do not know what it gives as a result because my pc plants that I activate capture.
I put tvr next just to show that the camera works well, it is set in pal on tvr.
I tried to doto run myrobotlab with open cv, if I launch the capture with open cv nothing happens but if I launch the capture with input video I immediately have a blue screen .

Thank you!

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I looked at your noworky, but

I looked at your noworky, but it did not have any information which would help.  The "Blue Screen of Death" is something wrong between (camera driver + OS + OpenCV) .     It "should not" generate a Blue Screen of Death. 

Although I'm running out of ideas ...

You may want to try the "latest" Nixie release in a new directory
(then do an install  java -jar myrobotlab.jar -install)

Make sure you've got the correct bitness of Java .. e.g. i fyour OS is 32 bit make sure you have 32 bit Java - if you have a 64 bit OS make sure you have a 64 bit Java

c:\>java -version
java version "1.8.0_191"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_191-b12)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.191-b12, mixed mode)
If all that fails I recommend switching to Linux ... ;)
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New test

thank you for the answer,
I did all the tests, as it comes from a problem between driver / mrl / windows I updated the latest version of windows that had been installed incorrectly, I put pilots day and I tested with nixie but still the blue screen of is ok.
I think about to change the video capture key ... does someone use the 600 tvl camera and with what?Dakota uses it, I think. at worst I will test linux but you have to relearn everything ...
Thank you !

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there was a problem with the acquisition card, I changed it and windows no longer crash.
I still have no image or face tracking can be that there are things to set to operate?