Open cv don't work

I can not run open cv, I have a 600tvl camera with an ezcap capture card, I had a problem with my old acquisition card but this is a new and well installed driver, I have the image with the map program acquisition but not in open cv of myrobotlab.
I tried the 3 display render, change the index camera and test in mrl all possibilities (open cv, input video ...) but I still do not have the video.
If I ask "look at me" it tells me "I'll watch you ....." but no follow-up because no video.
the camera works because under Windows I have the image without problems.
Is there something I would have forgotten in the setting?

Thank you

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Is not a webcam

the camera is not recognized as a webcam and therefore not accepted by myrobotlab, is there an opportunity to operate my camera?

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Hello Cyberneo ! I would say

Hello Cyberneo !

I would say try to get a inexpensive old webcam - you'd have better luck.
For example :

is $5.99 on new egg



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Idem for Raspberry Pi Camera


I have the same problem, but with a Raspberry Pi Camera

and mjpg-streamer. It works well on Manticore, but not Nixie.

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the problem is not the price but the fact that I integrated the camera in the eye of the robot and a webcam does not pass