OMG ! .. Lucky B-Day Boy !

Well, someone messed up and I didn't get the expected lump of coal.  Instead, I got some good person's Oculus Rift !! Sooooo excited ... perfect timing .. I can start doing remote telepresense with WorkE AND begin to explore WorkE's virtual mind with updates to the JMonkeyService ...

WOOHOO !! new toys to play with already !

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kwatters's picture

Welcome to the rift!

That's seriously awesome!  More toys!  Woohoo!  You can try out the oculus service now :)

Which model did you get ?  the oculus CV1?  (consumer version?)  Any special controllers?  (oculus touch?)


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Ya very stoked :) Its this

Ya very stoked :)

Its this -

Yup comes with touch, how else will I control lloyd's arms & hands ?  Excited to wash your dishes kwatters !

Its got a couple of "relays" too - i guess allows you more freedom to walk into your coffee table wilst peering into the virtual mind of a robot..