The Odroid u3 and arduino connection boogie

I found My Odroid u3 would not connect to my arduino - the reason being MRL thought the u3 was a raspberry pi and had a slight library misdirection. If you look at in gedit you'll see:


# Mac's don't use LD_LIBRARY_PATH yet its
# required to load shared objects on Linux systems

I've underlined the dodgy signpost.

what happens when you install the arduino service is that it makes a folder in libraries/native that is called armv6.hfp.32.linux...which the library path above doesnt point to. All the resources in armv6.hfp.32.linux are fine, they just need re-filing!

1 copy and rename /library/native/armv6.hfp.32.linux to /library/native/arm.32.linux,

2 check the new folder contains and

3 and then you will have to re-install the arduino service. I did this by (in MRL) choosing system>update>install latest.

4 Now, check your arduino service can see your usb port and you're having the goodtimes:)



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Ya .. welcome to the waist

Ya .. welcome to the waist high muck !

Thanks for getting the hip boots and jumping in.  Yep, MRL at the moment things all ARM processors are armv6 :P until I can get the identification working correctly "everything" at the moment is in flux.

Additionally, you can see the problems with start-up scripts ... and how they are fragile.  I'm trying to think of ways so there are less scripts and less "paths".

Bad pathing is too common source of errors....

Thanks for taking the time of making it clear !