Sorry I don't want to feel stupid I got Speech recognition and text to speech working with Program AB but after I ask a question I don't think is in her brain she responds with NULL Response and then won't stop till I restart everything.  If anyone can help me I would be extremely thankful


6 years 9 months ago

Hi Mike,

  I think we'll need more info to be able to help.  You should reproduce the problem and send a "no worky" from MRL.  That way we can see the full exeption/error message.  Or you can post your script on github so we can take a look and test.

We will make it worky!




it really doesn't give any error messages-- in the programAB tab where the responses show when you type something that I think is not in the aiml it pauses for min or two then shows the response "null response" then after that it shows it for every question even Hello.  Iam using the ProgramAB script off github and changing to MarySpeech and I get it.  I wonder if it's because no internet where I setup at


6 years 9 months ago

I've come across this before it is usually due to an error in my aiml files. I had it before when I asked y bot how old it was, because my date format was wrong it used to crash with the same error message.

There should be a default response to any Question she can't answer, What is the Question you are asking that is causing the crash?