Nixie - successful Maven integration

Yay for Nixie !
Yay for Maven and integrated Ivy !

This appears to be working (some bugs still need to be flushed out - but this was the major new functional objective for Nixie.  Several other things got implemented or partially implemented in this release, but now is the time we are switch our mission and go FULL ON BUG HUNTING....

Lock and Load Ladies and Gentlemen ... time to go hunt us some Bugs !


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Ogre is comming

Ogre is comming

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Testing checklist and videos...

We should try to come up with a good sanity check / test list.  potentially come up with some new youtube how-to videos   (perhaps posted to Patreon first, and then to YouTube for non supporters?)


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Anyone got a 32 bit Linux

Anyone got a 32 bit Linux server ? (could start real multi-platform testing if more is added to the cookie-oven-swarm)

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release plans should be updated

Just a reference to what we've done in the past.

I think we should probablty come up with an updated release plan that includes setting a version number...

and.... possibly pushing an artifact to maven central...

What do ya think?


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Disk formated, what ports no

Disk formated, what ports no you need for the new ubuntu 32 ?

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Hi moz4r, I was starting to

Hi moz4r,

I was starting to write a post on how to add to the build swarm.  
I have a 32 bit Ubuntu, but I'll need to re-image it because the OS is so old, its repo does not contain Java 8.

The basic steps are the following :

  1. Install Java 8 SDK
  2. Install Jenkins
  3. Import a Jenkins Job
  4. Send me your public key so you can post on