Next Print

Hopefully these InMoov parts will be pulled out of the printer next :)

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Alessandruino's picture

ahahaha :) i'm very courious

ahahaha :) i'm very courious to see them !!!

kmcgerald's picture

Long Job!

How long does it think it will take for that to print?  I only have to print the 3 tallest ones still.

GroG's picture

I'll time it KMC - the

I'll time it KMC - the makerbot gives you the time when it finishes .. nifty feature... I just took the tall piece with the overhang off .. as this is only my second print I decided to try to make it more "safe"

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I always rather print one

I always rather print one part or maybe two at once. I'm talking about big parts not parts like the finger of InMoov.

The only times I tried to fill up the print area I had failed prints (but that was when I started to learn how to print. Today my printer could certainly do it correctly, but the bad souvenirs are haunting me and I don't dear to try again.