Newping.h is missing



I'm trying to help Ambroise to installing MRL, but impossible to compile the MRLComm.ino into his Arduino Mega board .

The problem is that Newping.h is missing . I've tried with my arduino duemilanove board and same problem .

So i've downloaded Newping library and add it in my arduino's IDE for install the .ino (copy/paste from MRL gui) with it and this worked, but it must be a problem in MRL wink

Or maybe i've forget something ..

I'm attaching the library Newping  if someone need it . Just extract it and put the folder in the "library" folder of your arduino install folder.


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BEETLEJUICE ! Your avatar


Your avatar makes me happy :)

Oops .. ya I was trying NewPing out .. but its way toooo SLOWWWWW 

up to 18K us ! - 

So I'll drop this dependency in the next release..  but Thank You ! for finding this and posting a solution !


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Ok, Newping was for ultrasonic sensors,right ? so if you remove it, ultrasonic will stop to work ?

i'm talking about this script :


# variables dependent on your setup

boardType = "atmega2560"  # atmega168 | atmega328p | atmega2560 | atmega1280 | atmega32u4
comPort = "COM8" # com4 for atmega328 com8 for mega2560
trigPin = 22
echoPin = 23

# start Arduino service named arduino
arduino = Runtime.createAndStart("arduino", "Arduino")
arduino.setBoard(boardType) # atmega168 | mega2560 | etc
# Start UltrasonicSensor named sr04
sr04 = Runtime.createAndStart("sr04", "UltrasonicSensor")
sr04.attach(arduino, trigPin, echoPin)

# blocking examples
duration =
print duration
range = sr04.range()
print range

# non blocking - event example
# sr04.startRanging()
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Ya .. here is the history /

Ya .. here is the history / evolution

1. tried Arduino's pulseIn - too slow interfered with servo movement
2. tried NewPing in the hope that it would have better performance .. it did not.

So right now I don't want to use either pulseIn or NewPing, but I might put pulseIn back in until I re-write it with a much faster method.

Your fix should work with the script for version 1.0.27 if you or Amby want to experiment with it.

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thank you for your help

thank you for your help beetlejuice

i cheking if i can find a tuto for learn

sse you