Newbie questions (and answered myself)

First I want to say that MRL looks teriffic and I have seen a lot of good things being done with it.  I've finally started building a robot based on InMoov, basically using InMoov design for the head to start but looking to incorporate my own designs for the rest of the body.

I've been trying to get MRL up and talking to Ardunio, but I have a couple of questions.


First I'm running on Linux, and not Windows.  I have MRL latest .1758 installed and all addons installed as well.

In examples I have seen on line when starting the Arduino service one of the views gets populated with the code for MRLComm.ino that should be copied and pasted into the IDE and then uploaded to the Arduino.

I have not been able to find where .1758 provides that code.  So after a lot of searching I found a reference to a spot on GitHub to download MRLComm, but it appears that is an old version (version 18 as far as I can see).  Since .1758 wants version 40 we have a failure to communicate so to speak.

So I was having issues getting the correct version, but on a second look I found a tutorial that talked about the new MRLComm.  I had looked at the .ino file for that but it had almost looked a bit incomplete as it talked about setting the default baud rate but then did nothing to set the baud rated as was done in the older MRLComm.ino file.

But on the second look I decided to just try uploading it anyway, and that got things basically working.  At least it now connects to the Servo device and I'm not getting any errors.

Secondly, I'm traveling right now and didn't bring one of my UNO  boards with me, I just have a Nano board, which doesn't have much dynamic memory left after loading the MRLComm code, so that may become an issue for my testing on the road, but at the moment it appears to be working OK on the Nano.

Now to actually hook the neck (head) servo up and see if I can control it via MRL.