New Shoutbox Testing



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Hmm like the size

Like the size and the look of the new layout but not so sure about having to add my name everytime I post.

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Yea Name input going to take

Yea Name input going to take time

But nice

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No worries guys ... As I

No worries guys ... As I mentioned to dwilli .. it's the Engine underneath that I am interested in .. The body work needs help but I can hammer it into shape where you don't need to put your name .. logging will be at the top and lots of other bells and whistles.... thanks for the input ;)

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Shoutbox - TODO list

This is a good place to list all the changes necessary to get this Shoutbox in shape...

1. it should auto-scroll
2. pressing enter (no - "send" button)
3. new messages and message box at the top
4. much of the 'guest ip numbers and kruft hidden'
5. refresh - reloads old shouts
6. a flat display and history for old shouts

New functionality ? mabye quick autoformatting img links where you only have to put a {i=http://someimage.jpg}

P.S. - this shoutbox works with persistent websockets, very quick, efficient & little resources needed. The problem with the old shoutbox is it did a request, which went to a webserver and then to the database .. which with 20+ guests kept the database pretty busy. It also did not work very well. So the "engine" underneath is very different with the new shoutbox..