new serial service

I have determined that my scooter routine is hanging up on trying to clean out the serial buffer that used to work with MRL .99. 

Where can I find out what the new serial routine can accept and pass back and forth, command line options.

like how many characters in buffer, empty buffer, stop serial?



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The new serial (1.0.118) can

The new serial (1.0.118) can do synchronous & asynchronous reads, it can also clear and filter, it can even be enabled with timeouts on synchronous reads. The data being displayed to the view is helpful too -

Do you have the script which your currently using in you script library ?
If not can you post it and I'll help getting what you need out of the new service.

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my scooter script is posted

my scooter script is posted under harland 

when I sent the "no worky" last week I posted it.

def clearbuffer():
  crap = 0
  crap = serial.available()
  print("cbuf " + str(crap))
#would like to clean out serial buffer
  for i in range(1,crap):
    junk =
#    print("junk=" + str(junk))

It looks like serial.available is always showing 0 bytes with new code.


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Short Answer .. don't read ..

Short Answer .. don't read .. use the .clear method !


read will block unless you set it up to timeout - clear() does not block

Some other things I noticed:

Ran your script with 2 virtual ports

I can see the Eddie board recieves this initially

I noticed in you no worky - you have a " Unknown Application - for COM3"

Zombie problem perhaps ?