new robot humanoid french

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GroG's picture

Cool .. It's coming....

How's the price tag ?

$300,000  ... sweeeeet ! ...  What do you think Gael? .. the competition is a little ahead of us (and a couple feet), but at quite a cost :D

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ho grogĀ  gael don't like this

ho grog 

gael don't like this robot lol me i working about 2 years for try to build himselft the same with piece with inmoov lol


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Ehehe, a very costy robot,

Ehehe, a very costy robot, and not really looking nice, paid with our taxes if I understood correctly. But Romeo can't walk yet, not before 2016, at least it is what is expected.

We have plenty of time to work on InMoov but we don't have the $300,000...