new leg robot

hello everyboby

yes it is a long time i am not here

it is because i am working to build my leg

now a just finich my prototype with cardboard just for see my mistakes

after when all is ok i print it

i use a drill motor 12 volts< very strong

so if some people want help^me for drive my motor dc welcom



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It is really taking shape

It is really taking shape Amby. The shoulder and leg designs look very interesting.

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thank you ben

thank you ben

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That is really awesome and

That is really awesome and impressive!! :D

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thank you  cevinius

thank you 


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Wow Amby .... that's awesome

Wow Amby .... that's awesome !

Video !!! :)

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hello grog yes i am working

hello grog yes i am working to do a video but my prototype is not fixe

so i need work agais a little to fixe pubis


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Hi ambroise first of all at

Hi ambroise first of all at which current it could maximum works? hat model is it? For the dc motor the H bridges are mostly used.

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hello davic i dont know

hello davic i dont know current max i think 6 ampers

it is a drill motor very cheap

motor batterie charger only 11$ and very strong

i need use a bridge H yes but wich model?


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motor specifications

Ambroise could you please tell me the brand and the model of your motor or a better photo of the motors?
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hello davic i am french from

hello davic

i am french from south to france in marseille

so buy in a french factory very cheap

i give you the link



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Hello ambroise, you bought a

Hello ambroise, you bought a 12V motor, but the maximum current isn't specified, so we have two ways to find out this issue. The first one is try to see if there are numbers that are followed by  "mA" or "A", if not you have to find out by yourself, first of all take a 12V battery or a lab power supply( some have the amperometer integrated) and put in series an amperometer( remember to put it in the 10A hole and to rotate the selector in the correct position), then connect the motor and write down the current. Anyway I don't think it's more than 2A, if I'm right you can use the L298, that can control 2 motors(Remember that the 2 motors must not exceed the 4 A together).

Here is the link with the wiring:

The "V en" allows you to power up the bridge so put it in the HIGH state to enable and LOW to disable. Pin 10 and 12 are used to move forward or backward so put one of them HIGH and the other LOW, to stop the motor immediately put the two pins at the same state, for a "soft stop" put the enable pin at LOW state. Put the 12V to the +Vcc and don't forget to cool down the bridge with a dissipator or a 12V fan, remember that if the motor for some reason blocks the current peak and the temperature will rise fastly, so be careful.  If you have something else to ask me don't worry.