any help for a newbie

i can get the servo control to work but hit a brick wall when i try to attach to Python....says it doesnt recognize attacharduino...thanks in advance


7 years 8 months ago

Hello bwjustice1 and Welcome.

Please send a NoWorky ! ... noWorky you ask what is that ?

You can read about a noWorky here ...

And this is how to do a noWorky in pictoral form !


7 years 8 months ago

You did it !   You sent a NoWorky....

There are good things and bad things.

Good Things

You're using version 1.0.99 ... Yay .. this is good

Bad Things

  1. Python error :(
    AttributeError: 'org.myrobotlab.service.InMoov' object has no attribute 'attachArduino'

    Here is your script


Where did you get it?  attachArduino is not a method

if you want to start the right hand do this..

You can get a list of all the methods available in a service by going to the gui tab and pressing the in circle

Additionally there should be javadocs on every service page... 
In this case you'd be looking for
op left hand corner a link says javadoc ...
InMoov's Javadoc goes here -…;

Typically the service page gives you relevant information about the service and sometimes working Python scripts.

I also noticed one of your Arduinos is operating with an old version of MRLComm.ino 

You have another Arduino called ardyuno ?


still getting "InMoov obect has no attibute attacharduino"

any ideas?????

thanks brian


7 years 8 months ago

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ok--making progress

ive got her to talk---still trying to get her to listen

the attacharduino script i got off google--its the same script Gael is using in his finger starter tutorial

and ihae just one arduino connected---the ardyuno was just a goof up

made the most progress by loading

any advice on the listening part would b apprciated---trying to do it myself but sometimes i get suck!lol


7 years 8 months ago

Mmmh strange script indeed.

It really doesn't look like one of my scripts though.

Can you give me the link on the finger tutorial where you found it, I certainly need to know where that is coming from.

I just checked on the finger starter tutorial and on thingiverse and I haven't seen such scripts.

It looks more like a script of Markus.

Light me up.

Here is the minimal script on my site:

And this is the InMoov2.full3 script:


thanks guys

its working now---its very chatty and dosent listen well--will this improve or is thir some typeof fine tuning still to do? every one in a while it dos what i say!lol

the script i was using is google code---it comes up as MRL and looks like the one that Gael is using in the finger box tutorial---the link on the tutorial doesnt work but if you look at the one in the vid---thats it

thanks again guys

OH YEA! is there a place to donate--- believe yu guys deserve it!


Longer utterances usually are more accurate than smaller ones.  Ambient noise will cause problems, the quaility of your microphone will make a difference.  If you can mute when your not talking it helps.

Donate button here ( is on the left .. scroll down.  Donate button @ is on the right.

Glad you got it working ! ;)